March 19, 2023

How Changes In Technology Affect The Dissolving Pulp Industry

By Adrianna Noton

Dissolving pulp is bleached wood pulp with a high cellulose content. Bleaching the soft wood tissue removes or decreases the color of the pulp. The main use of the bleached wood tissue is to make paper. It is also used to make rayon materials that are in turn, used in the manufacturing of clothing items like jackets, shorts, shirts, and coats. In addition, rayon materials are used to make cellophane.

The decrease in the paper and print industry has been strongly influenced by the advent of the internet and technologies for mobile computing. The technologies that will strongly impact this industry, are e books, e commerce, digital archiving, and online news. People are increasing their use of these technologies daily, which will lead to a drastic decline in the use of paper. The increase in online technology will in turn decrease the demand for bleached pulp as well.

The medical community is a prime example of the decrease in paper and the dependence on computer technology for patient care. Patient files and laboratory testing orders are entered for each patient into a secured online database that is shared by the particular health care facility or hospital. Insurance and patient billing is also completed online. The decrease in the use of paper just among medical organizations is substantial.


Throughout the business world the move to switch from paper reports, files, and records, to the many software products available, has slowly but strongly influenced the viability of the paper producing industry. With the advances in technology that will help companies run their business more efficiently and cost effectively, the need for paper products could become almost non existent.

Companies will need to adapt to these changes in order to stay in business. The industry will need to investigate other opportunities for the use of the fibers that can be derived from the bleached wood tissue.

The switch from producing paper products, for instance, to the production of rayon will take advantage of the cotton industry which is currently struggling. The rayon substance is used in the clothing industry and its production will offer the opportunity to adapt to the changing industry.

Heavy rains, floods, and other restrictions, have caused a sharp decrease in cotton production which is increasing the demand for rayon. In some areas of Asia the market has grown by as much as ten percent annually. This is an indication that the dissolving pulp industry needs to explore alternative products to remain viable.

With the increase in technologies that are moving businesses away from the need for paper products, and the decrease in the output of cotton that is needed for clothing and other items, the dissolving pulp industry will be able to survive provided those who own the mills are able to adapt. While it may take the closing of a mill to make the necessary changes to adapt, the results of making the switch will help keep the industry alive by making the most of a changing situation.

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